Stop Creditor Calls

If you are deep in debt, the endless barrage of harassing phone calls and threatening letters only adds to your stress. No matter how much you wish you could pay everyone, it may simply not be possible.

Filing for bankruptcy almost always provides immediate relief from debt collection and creditor harassment. The Hedtke Law Firm can help you explore your options to eliminate debts in Chapter 7 or pay whatever portion you can afford over time in a Chapter 13. Either way, creditors are stopped by the automatic stay.

Bankruptcy Stops Debt Collection And The Phone Calls

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Bankruptcy And The Automatic Stay Against Creditor Harassment

Starting on the day you file for bankruptcy with very few exceptions, you are under the protection of the federal bankruptcy court. Your creditors must stop all efforts to collect on debts:

  • The credit card companies cannot call your home, your work, or your family members.
  • You will not receive any more bills or nasty letters.
  • Neither creditors nor collection agencies can take you to court.
  • Lawsuit pending against you must stop.
  • Creditors cannot garnish your wages.
  • Home foreclosures are halted (at least temporarily in a Chapter 7 and usually permanently in a Chapter 13)

The creditors don’t go away until your debts are discharged, but they are no longer able to contact you directly. Any creditor who intentionally violates the automatic stay can be held in contempt of the court and be made to pay damages to you plus attorney fees.

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Complete and instant relief from creditor harassment may be provided in bankruptcy, but we can explore alternatives such as debt settlement to satisfy those you owe money to. Contact the Hedtke Law Firm at 626 593-1558 to arrange your free consultation.



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