repossession Attorney in Arcadia

repossession Attorney in Arcadia

Have you fallen behind on car payments and been threatened with repossession? Has a creditor filed a lawsuit against you? Has that lawsuit resulted in a judgment that the creditor is going to use to seek garnishment of your assets including your bank account or your wages? At the Hedtke Law Firm we have been stopping repossession, garnishment and levies for people in Southern California since 2012 through bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and Repossession

Filing either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy results in an automatic stay taking effect that prevents creditors from moving forward with motor vehicle repossession or repossession of any other property. Our attorney will carefully analyze your case before recommending a specific type of bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy and Garnishment

When creditors file lawsuits, debtors rarely respond. Debtors know that they owe money, and that they may have no ground to stand on in terms of defending against the lawsuit. Unfortunately, not responding allows the creditor to obtain a judgment, which can be used to seek bank account garnishment or levies against other property. Filing bankruptcy stops lawsuits and stops garnishment.

Has a creditor threatened wage garnishment? In California, creditors are allowed to garnish up to 25% of your after tax monthly income. Filing bankruptcy prevents any such attempts from moving forward.

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